Your Weekly Horoscope


Your Weekly Horoscope

17 Demember 2017 to Saturday, 23 December 2017


Aries - 21st March to 20th April


A New Moon starts emerging, at the week’s beginning. With Moon in fiery Sign Sagittarius, you shall remain optimistic about your future growth prospects. New Moons are always a potent time for creating your intentions for the month ahead. This time it will also be for the year ahead. So, get down! Bring out a pen and a note pad, and jot down what comes to your mind, says Ganesha.. This week's lunation is particularly powerful because it is the last New Moon of the year, with some extra high-octane intuitive energy. Most important cosmic change this week shall be about wily Saturn moving into its own Sign, Capricorn, your 10th House on 21st. This is a long-term change, and effects will manifest in due course. With trickster Mercury still in a retrograde mode, nothing much exciting is foreseen, for now. Thankfully, Mercury turns direct on Sunday, and from that is when, you will see a positive movement ahead. Financial stars look set to be stable.


Taurus - 21st April to 21st May

A New Moon starts emerging in Sagittarius, as the week begins. Well, that makes a planetary Stellium in the 8th House from your Sign. Things may become tough. Take a leave from work on Monday, and plan things for the coming times. There would be hurdles, and your mind may remain filled with confusions. Actually, there is a lot of potential in such events, but the onus of steering everything in the right direction lies on you. Nonetheless, you must take care of your safety and well being at this time. If you are planning to party, ensure that you do not drink and drive. Mercury is still in retrogression. Do not expect major monetary gains. Around midweek, Saturn migrates into its own Sign Capricorn, the 9th House from your Sign. Your fears will be allayed to some extent. Fortunes may still not favour you, but there will be a lot that you will be able to do. Take reins in your hands! Sun too follows Saturn, and moves into Capricorn on Thursday. Pressures ease. Good news comes on the weekend, when Mercury becomes direct.

Gemini - 22nd May to 21st June

A New Moon starts emerging in Sagittarius through the 7th House on Monday. The New Moon is a supportive time for scheduling your activities and setting goals for a month ahead. This time, it is also for the year ahead. So, do it carefully and nicely, says Ganesha. Business person operating in a partnership business may feel like dissolving their association, replacing a partner with a new person. Well, capital investment may be one of the reasons, and sour relations another. Be careful, and go slow. If this has to happen, it will, but you must not end things on a bad note. Ones going through divorce cases or marital issues of extreme nature may also be in a verge of imminent separation now. As a major planetary change, on 21st Saturn shifts into its own Sign Capricorn, the 8th House for you. Sun too follows suit, and moves to Capricorn on 22nd. You may feel detached and lost. You must take great care of your health and well being now. Around midweek, Mercury becomes direct, which is good news. Influence of Jupiter is also supportive.

Cancer - 22nd June to 22nd July

A New Moon starts emerging in Sagittarius, at the week’s beginning. This is a good time to review the past and plan for future. The holiday season is near. Let the cheer around you cheer you up, and get down to charting your path for the year and month ahead. You will be optimistic in week’s initial half. As a very important change on 21st, wily Saturn, after a stint in fiery Sagittarius, moves into its own Sign, Capricorn, the 7th House from your Sign. Now the mighty Saturn will be place exactly opposite to your Sign. Saturn is a slow moving planet, and the effects of this change shall become manifesting in its due course. You must get your Natal Chart checked, as this may be important for you. Your relationships, marriage, partnerships and routine affairs will be affected by this cosmic change. Sun follows Saturn and enters earthly Capricorn, this week. These two are unfriendly planets, and the union may bring some troubles on the home front. Best cosmic change happens over weekend, when the crafty Mercury becomes direct in movement.
Leo - 23rd July to 22nd August


Venus stationed in the 5th House from your Sign keeps you in a romantic and affectionate mood. You shall take initiative to resolve differences in a relationship, close to your heart. Singles keen to develop a serious long-term relationship will get support from the cosmos, assures Ganesha. Do not be in a hurry to enjoy physical intimacy. Try and solidify your relationship first. Around midweek, Saturn, after a long stint in fiery Sagittarius, enters its own Sign, Sign Capricorn, the 6th House from your Sign. This is a long-term planetary change, effects of which will be visible in the months to come. However, this may affect your working methods and you may plan to change your job. But, all this will happen in future, so no need to worry now. On 22nd, Sun follows suit and makes its move into Capricorn. This change does not sound well for warmth and harmony in confirmed relationships of all sorts. Be careful. Mercury becomes direct during weekend. This will clear the path for development purposes.

Virgo - 23rd Aug to 22nd Sep

In a critical mood, you may review many of the areas and workings in your life, this week. Well, Monday is not a great day for too much action, as there will be 5 planets in your House of Personal Happiness, and it’s certainly not a good time to test uncharted territories. However, if all goes well, and planets agree in your Natal Chart, this may also turn out to be an immensely buzzing and happy time. Well, spend time with your family and keep them happy. In turn, you will be happy too. Some of you may get a new member in their family – through birth or marriage. Many of you will wish to ‘perform’ at work or at a stage, as you want adulation and appreciation. Need for getting acceptance from someone at workplace will be high till Wednesday. Saturn moves to Capricorn in a major planetary move now. Sun too joins Saturn on Thursday. There are 2 major but unfriendly planets in your 5th House now. Be careful in your interactions with your kids, boss and senior management, warns Ganesha. Good news comes on Sunday when Mercury becomes direct.

 Libra - 23rd September to 23rd October

As the week begins, a New Moon arises in Sagittarius, 3rd House from your Sign. Now, five planets together in the optimistic Sagittarius is a cosmic event to be noted. This is called as a planetary Stellium, and such astral events are said to be a source of immense energy, which may go either ways – positive or negative. So, it will be on you now to channelize this energy in a positive manner. If you are feeling hurt by someone’s very open disagreement, let the matter rest, for a while. Legal and matters related directly to your social reputation must be handled carefully. Your hopes for a new development will rise, as you may meet an important person, this week. Go slow, in this regard, cautions Ganesha, as all may not be as rosy as it appears at the first glance. Influence of Saturn over the 12th House from your Sign is indicative of financial confusions and escalated expenses. Don’t trust anyone blindly. On 21st, Saturn shifts into its own Sign Capricorn, the 4th House from your Sign. Later, Sun too follows the suit to enter Capricorn. Over the weekend, crafty Mercury becomes direct in motion.

Scorpio - 24rd October to 22nd November

As the week begins, as New Moon emerges in Sagittarius, taking the number of planets in your 2nd House to 5! This is a planetary Stellium, and such cosmic events are known to scatter energies. The energy flow may be either way – negative or positive. So, on Monday, it would be best to lie low. Your aspirations will be high, and you will want to do something major. But, it would be best till mid-week, when a major planetary event is scheduled to take place. Saturn will leave Sagittarius and move to Capricorn, in a long term planetary trend on Wednesday. On Thursday, Sun will again join Saturn in the 3rd House (Capricorn) from your Sign. Two conflicting energies in the zone governing your internal desires and ambitions may make a tad confused. But, you will be full of drive and energy. Be careful, while speaking with your father or an authority figure. Take care of your health. You may be liable to get emotionally hurt, so watch out, says Ganehsa. Don’t let anyone take you for a ride! With forward movement of 2 Titans, your 2nd House will be considerably lighter, which will ease family and monetary pressures. On Sunday, Mercury ushers further good news, when it becomes direct.

Sagittarius - 23rd November to 21st December

Five planets in your Sign is a noticeable planetary event. On Monday, there will be 5 planets, including the New Moon, in your Sign. Well, if possible, take a break from work or social life on this day. Enjoy the attention that comes your way, but don’t let it go to your head. Planetary clusters like these are powerhouses of energy, but they may tilt the balance either way – positive or negative. Visit a temple on Monday, if you can, or try finding some relaxation in spiritual pursuits. Tuesday onwards, you will feel lighter, but not entirely better. It’s on Wednesday that Saturn, in a major cosmic move, goes to its own Sign Capricorn, your 2nd House. Sun joins Saturn on Thursday, and by Friday, you shall be feeling quite centred. Though, there will be some chaos on the family or financial front, you will be able to manage fine, assures Ganesha. Saturn in your 2nd House is going to be a long term cosmic trend, so you must start preparing for it. Be careful in how you speak to your elders, especially your father/ uncles. Watch their as well as your health. Refrain from risking your money to. Over the weekend, crafty Mercury becomes direct, paving way for good times ahead.

Capricorn - 22nd December to 20th January

A New Moon emerging in Sagittarius, early in the week, is a good planetary position. It will make you optimistic about your future growth prospects. However, things continue to be troublesome, and there may really not be any positive momentum. With 12th House still clustered with heavy cosmic energy, you may be feeling scattered and your decisions may be liable to go wrong. Listen to others! If travel and negotiating a deal are on agenda, let someone else, a senior, trusted ally, take the lead. The combination of Jupiter and Mars in the 11th House will support you. Turn to a sage one for advice, and have faith in your elders, seniors and teachers. Don’t invest heavily in any one person or thing, though. Around midweek, the ruler of your Sign Saturn enters your own Sign. You can heave a temporary sigh of relief, as things will ease on the monetary and person front, to some extent. Changes are on the horizon, but they will take some time to manifest. A lot depends on your Natal Chart. Sun too follows the suit to make home in your Sign, on Thursday. Some great lessons are in store, but with them shall come new challenges and responsibilities. Over the weekend, Mercury becomes direct, bringing in fresh cheer.

Aquarius - 21st January to 18th February

A New Moon emerges in dual-natured Sagittarius, the 11th House from your Sign, as the week begins. This will make you optimistic and desirous of newer heights. New Moons are a potent time to plan for your activities and set goals for the time ahead. Plan for the New Year! Around midweek, the ruler of your Sign Saturn makes a move and enters its other abode Capricorn, 12th House from your Sign. Be careful in financial transactions. You will be cautious and careful, but may still end up making a mistake. Your focus may also be scattered, and you may have a tendency to look at things in a negative way. Shun that, says Ganesha. Sun follows Saturn to enter earthy Capricorn. Elegant and traditional dressing will suit you, if planning to go out. Over the week-end, Mercury becomes direct in movement. This paves way for taking consolidated, logical action.
Pisces - 19th February to 20th March

A New Moon starts arising in Sagittarius, the 10th House from your Sign. Now, there is a small crowd of planetary forces in your House of Profession (10th House). You may be at a career crossroads, divided between choosing two equally interesting avenues or job offers. However, looking at the present planetary positions, sticking to your present field of activity seems like a better idea. Mercury’s retrogression may also make you liable to making mistakes or misunderstanding briefs. So, it’s better to postpone taking this decision, for a while. And, if this is really imminent, take some expert’s advice into consideration, says Ganesha. Be careful, while signing any documents or finalizing any deal now. In a long term planetary move, on 21st, Saturn moves to Capricorn, its own Sign in your 11th House. On Thursday, Sun too follows suit and enters Capricorn. Mercury too becomes direct, over the weekend. Now may be a good time to give shape to that important change, you were contemplating earlier.

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