Urine and sweat to blame for irritable eyes when swimming

SO IT turns out that the reason why our eyes turn red when swimming in a pool is a little more gross than most people think.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the US has confirmed the redness in people’s eyes is actually caused by urine and sweat particles, as well as chlorine.

Urine and sweat to blame for irritable eyes when swimming

While most swimmers believes chlorine to be the sole culprit for their stinging eyes, there is a far more unsavoury offender to blame.

That is the finding from a report by the CDC who teamed up with the Water Quality and Health Council and the National Swimming Pool Foundation to bring us this disturbing news.

The research is raising eyebrows and no doubt causing people to reach for their goggles.

“Chlorine binds with all the things it’s trying to kill from your bodies, and it forms these chemical irritants. That’s what’s stinging your eyes. It’s the chlorine binding to the urine and sweat,” said Dr Michael Beach, associate director of the CDC’s healthy water program.

The report advises pool-goers to shower and use the toilet before getting in the pool in order to decrease the formation of irritants.

So, according to the CDC, the next time you’re in a crowded pool and you get red eyes, you’ll know exactly why.

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