Trans-Siberian Railway could go all the way to Japan

JAPANESE investors are reportedly considering a plan to extend Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railway all the way to Tokyo.

The 9258km railway is the longest in the world, and it currently takes seven day to complete the journey from the eastern port of Vladivostok to Moscow.

Trans-Siberian Railway could go all the way to Japan

It’s possible to continue the journey all the way through Europe to London.

The world-famous track takes in rugged mountains and expansive plateaus, providing a vital link for isolated communities and a memorable experience for tourists.

According to theSiberian Times, the extension could see the line linked to the Russian islands of Sakhalin and the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

They’re proposing to build tunnels similar to the one between England and France, which would be 7km and 42km long, respectively.

Japanese companies are also reportedly looking into the possibility to speeding up traffic on the iconic route in line with its world-class rail standards.
So far, Russia only has plans for a high-speed link on the first leg, between Moscow and the industrial city of Kazan.
It’s understood the Kremlin is keen to develop Russia’s far east, and the two countries are working together on an economic deal.

The plan could see Japan supplying trains, signalling systems and new tracks.
Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Tokyo in December to discuss the possibility of an “energy bridge” to transfer electricity to Japan.

“The ventures are seen as leading to a revival of not only commercial traffic between the two countries, but also to increased tourism and other human contacts,” reportedThe Siberian Times.

Japan and Russia are technically still at war over the Kuril Islands, a chain in the Sea of Okhotsk which Stalin grabbed at the end of World War II.

A commercial deal marks a step forward for relations between the two countries.

Tickets for the railway can be difficult to snap up due to Russia’s “visa by invitation” policy and the fact that reservations must be made in advance.

A one-way trip generally costs about $800 in second class or $1300 in first, including food.

Summers are generally mild, but the mercury can plunge below minus 40C in winter.

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