Sydney rated the world’s SECOND friendliest city by tourists

Sydney has lost its title as the world's most friendly city, but international travellers say it's still hard to beat.

Readers of travel magazine Conde Nast named Sydney the second friendliest city in the world for visitors after the southern U.S. city of Charleston.

Sydney rated the world's SECOND friendliest city by tourists

Dublin in Ireland came third and Queenstown in New Zealand fourth.

About 128,000 people took part in the survey, which ranked the 20 most friendly and 10 most unfriendly cities around the globe.

'Aussies are very friendly. Every time we stopped to stare at our map to get our bearings an Aussie would stop and offer to help us,' one reader said.

Another person said: 'Such friendly people, so much so that after we met an Australian woman on our flight there, she offered to pick us up at our hotel and spent a whole day showing us her favorite parts of the city.'

'You can't beat Sydney!' someone else commented.

Sydney was voted number one in the 2015 Conde Nast Readers' Choice Awards.

Readers described winner Charleston as 'charming' and full of Southern hospitality.

U.S. cities featured prominently on the 'Unfriendliest City' list - scooping three spots including number one.

Newark in New Jersey was named the least friendly to visit in the world, followed by Tijuana in Mexico and Oakland in California.

The survey asked readers if they felt welcome, if an outgoing local showed them the way and if the city was easy to navigate.

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