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Breakfast Show : Rajesh Thakur weekdays @7am with Raja Ka Baja

Rajesh Thakur is a broadcaster with over 25 years of experience, having started with India's largest broadcaster All India Radio. His widespread knowledge on a variety of issues, even-handed approach to discussions, polite but firm manner with listeners, and his passion for multiculturalism and for embracing life in all its forms have earned him community respect and lots of fans all around the world. Broadcaster Rajesh Thakur's morning show Raja Ka Baja is one of the most popular shows on Tune India Radio. The focus is on "News and Views" with issues affecting Indian-Australian, as well as those affecting Indian and Australian in general. Bringing up these issues not only gives listeners a platform to express their views but also make them aware on what is happening around them. Bollywood is an integral part of the Indian all over the world and he is able to bring the latest in Bollywood music

Rajesh Thakur picks up some interesting articles from daily news to share with listeners and makes it interactive talkback . Listeners participate from all over the world via phone, email and social media

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Morning Rush

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Relaxing Hours

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Rush Hour


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About Us

Tune India Radio Sydney is Broadcasting Indian Radio 24x7 from Australia. First broadcast was on the 27th of June 2013 , since then over 300,000 from all around the world have tuned in to the broadcast and the numbers are growing as we speak. One of the most popular Australian Indian Radio (over 120,000 Australian tuned since first broadcast)

Tune India Radio Sydney is the brain child of Rajesh Thakur, who has been in this industry for the past 25 years. The idea is to bring together the Indian Diaspora around the world and what better way than by entertaining them


Advance Technology has given us the convenience of carrying our entertainment with us where ever we go and thus enable applications like Tune India Radio Sydney to bring together people with similar issue or view point in a bid to either share or resolve.

The ultimate aim of Tune India Radio, is for the Indians around the world to be connected with our culture, language and music.

"Thanking you for supporting this endeavour and looking forward to achieving greater heights this year".


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