Shah Rukh Khan, Dil Se. Everybody Needs to Watch His Speech to Students

Remember Shah Rukh Khan's extremely inspiring 'SattarMinute' monologue from Chak De! India? Guess what? He just totally topped that with a real life speech and if there's one thing you do today, hearing him speak at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School should be it. (Don't worry, it won't take sattar minutes of your life, just about 20.)

At the graduation ceremony for the school's 2016 batch, chief guest Shah Rukh, 50, made an inspiring yet chuckle-inducing speech, infusing it with his trademark humour. Anecdotes from his life (stories about his dad, the gifts he gave him), jokes about himself (how he did Fan right after Dilwale), the "rubbish poetry" he wrote ("exams and rules that sometimes hound you... let me tell you, you all will be successful, let me 'remound' you. Now it was 'remind' but since it didn't rhyme..."), and even a dig at US Presidential candidate Donald Trump - King Khan brought his A-game to drive home his message for the students: feel free to be yourself.

The actor even tweeted about his speech on June 1. "This is from the heart," he wrote.

Watch him above. We're sure his heartwarming words will inspire you to be yourself too.

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