In 6 Minutes, They Age by 60 Years. And Keep Falling in Love

A video of  Tavis and Kristie, a twenty-something soon-to-be married couple who were aged by over 60 years by makeup artists and then shown to each other, is bound to make you both laugh and cry.

Cut Video and Field Day, collaborated on the video, entitled '100 years of beauty: Aging', which has been viewed over 6 million times since it was uploaded on YouTube 4 days ago.

In the description on YouTube, the filmmakers say: 'If you had a crystal ball and could gaze into the future, how would you feel seeing the love of your life as a 90-year-old? We dare you not to tear up as they fall in love again and again.'

Kristie is shown to be getting increasingly emotional throughout the video as the couple imagine their lives together through the years.

"You look fantastic, don't look a day over 75," Tavis tells her when she is in her 90s look in a pink nightgown.

Watch the video to see just how convincing the makeup is, and the emotional reactions from the couple.

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