From ginger to mint: Add some jazzy twist to your coffee

We rely on coffee to kickstart our morning, to get through the day or bear those late night work sessions. But plain coffee can get a bit drab. We won’t advise you unhealthy add-ons like ice-cream or chocolate. Here’s how to make your cuppa stirring, sans calorie pile-up.

Maplelicious: If you want a sweet kick in your coffee, try maple extract. The extract is low on sugar and not as thick as maple syrup. Add two-three drops of the extract in your coffee pot. Rich in flavour, it’s not sticky either, unlike the syrup.
Benefits: Mapple extract prevents diabetes, and is good for your skin as well.

From ginger to mint: Add some jazzy twist to your coffee

Cinnamon fun: Why just limit your love for cinnamon to tea? This spice can make your coffee flavourful, too. Add 2 teaspoon of cinnamon or simply dip a cinnamon stick into your coffee.
Benefits: It is an antioxidant that helps bring down the sugar levels in your body. Cinnamon also helps in boosting your immune system.

Zing in a pod: Cardomom gives coffee an exotic flavour. Ground cardamom seeds with coffee beans or add whole pods to your brew. One crushed cardamom pod per cup of coffee is enough.
Benefits: Adding it not only neutralises the stimulating effect of caffeine, but also improves blood circulation and helps lower cholesterol levels.

Spicy Ginger: Ginger adds a bit of spiciness and tanginess, which is perfect to give you the kick you need early in the morning. Add a few slices of ginger root or ground ginger to your early morning coffee.
Benefits: Ginger is digestive and treats stomach bloating. It is ­soothing on the stomach, and calms down a sore throat.

Hazy nuts: Want the flavour of nuts without the calories? Add a little hazelnut oil to your cup of coffee. The oil is strong, so go as per your liking.
Benefits: Hazelnut oil will give your coffee a smoky flavour. It contains Vitamin E, which is good for skin and hair. The oil is easily absorbed by the body and is a great antioxidant.

Cooling peppermint: Peppermint oil is pure fun when added to coffee, as it leaves one refreshed. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your brew; it can be a bit strong in high doses. After a tiring day, a peppermint coffee is the ideal coffee to help you destress.
Benefits: Peppermint oil helps in fighting bad breath, and is rich in iron and magnesium.

Good old vanilla: Love that vanilla flavour from your childhood? Add a few drops of vanilla extract to your coffee pot or add vanilla beans to your grounded coffee beans, so the flavour infuses well with your coffee.
Benefits: Vanilla extract is a cognitive enhancer. It reduces hunger pangs and helps to relieve stress.

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