Fashionistas, take note: Here are the hot trends for 2018

Stock your wardrobe with fringes, clothes in pastel shades and athleisure outfits to make a fashion statement in 2018, say experts. Sanhita Dasgupta, Myntra fashion expert, and Neha Bhasin, creative director,, list some fashion trends to look out for:

Fashionistas, take note: Here are the hot trends for 2018

* Sweet sorbets: Summertime hues take a pastel route, while giving a much-needed break to florals and primary colours. So the next time you find yourself colour coordinated with an ice cream in hand, don’t sweat it. Ultraviolet is equally soothing for a cool summer.

* Fringe fever: Never really gone from your line of vision, this culturally rich trend is back. It has come a long way from being the glamourous add-ons of the 1920s to the casual addition of the 1970s. Modern-day fashion keeps reinventing fringes, always in a refreshing avatar.

* Athleisure goes retro: The sporty trend is ready to reign in 2018. Nostalgia is the driving force here and wearability. Relaxed, luxurious and with a hint of old-school vibes, it is the go-to attire for millennials.

* Denims go dark: Dark denims are back from the millennium. You can try this trend in a head-to-toe look, a two-piece or a denim dress. Balance it with the right accessories and footwear, and you are good to go.

* It is about being utilitarian: Take cues from the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, who have all been spotted sporting fanny packs. There wearable pouches are making a major comeback in a sleeker, smarter avatar.

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